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APP SMS / SMS Message Alert Ver. 2
As internet messaging is well developed, internet product based on data transmitted has been applied wisely. SMSDVR produced product of SMSBOX provide an easy and useful solution by communicating through internet. SMSBOX is an alerting product based on industrial and second version of messaging alerting. It can report the signal status of DI and DO and trigger by DI with set time. The advantage of notifying by APP SMS or SMS can easily noticed the user and deal with the matters occurred. The machine status can be control by mobile in any time and anywhere to solve any problems occurred. It can be easily installed and used in surveillance system, vending machine, unattended control room or gaming machine surveillance system without any complicated program set up.

* Does not have to restricted by mobile communication sequence
* Two DIRECT INPUT (DI) and two power supply (DO) or a set of RS-232 or 485 communication port
* DI port supplied NO (machine standby)
* All DI sets support counting machine, frequency, status, Pulse signal input
* Save up to 10 telephone contacts
* Send Message through RS-232 or 485 communication port
* Send local IP address to public
* Control power supply through IE browser
* Report DI and DO status by message
* Free SMS APP download
* Support English and Multi language message format, Message can be written up to 150 ASCII digits or 75 Unicode digits

* Control and maintain by remote and industrial automation
* Vending and gaming machine status report
* Factory、Storage security、Fire control system
* Residence、car alarming 、unattended control room
* Facilities or machinery、construction site status monitored


網路簡訊模組 2 (Network SMS module)


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